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​Where to Go Every Month of the Year

Maddy Faulkner by Maddy Faulkner

​Where to Go Every Month of the Year

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With so many potential destinations on your bucket list, it can be difficult to figure out exactly where you want to visit, and the best time of the year to go.

Each month of the year is an opportunity for new adventures. We’ve created a guide so you know where the best place to be is for each month of the year.


Got the winter blues and in desperate need of some sun? Head to Thailand.

See in the New Year at a famous full moon party, and nurse that hangover on a hammock overlooking the beach. Forget crowded islands swamped with tourists - head to the smaller islands of Ko Surin or Ko Kood for an authentic, friendly stay.

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February is definitely the time to embrace the cold weather with a snow sport adventure. Ski and snowboard in the very best conditions in Val D’Isere, France.

Mountainside cafes, irresistible spas, charming restaurants and unrivalled nightlife make this a hot destination, even if you’re not a fan of the slopes.


Cape Town is a must visit any time of the year. A beach, safari and city break all in one - what’s not to love?

The city begins to cool down in March, when the summer season comes to a close. As well as more comfortable temperatures, there are fewer crowds and less inflated prices for travellers.

Head to a winery, where at this time of the year visitors are encouraged to gather and juice grapes as part of the annual wine harvest.

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This is the peak time to catch a glimpse of the cherry blossom season in Japan.

As the floral embodiment of ancient cultural beliefs in the country, the blooming is eagerly awaited and fully embraced for a week or so, before the blossom drops off.

Head to Ueno-koen Park in Tokyo which is one of the most famous viewing spots. It’s also where the wildest hanami (flower viewing parties) are held.


Visit Lisbon, Portugal in May. The days are longer and warmer; yet the streets are still peaceful.

Head to Alfama, the oldest and most traditional neighbourhood in the city. Get lost amongst the labyrinth of cobbled streets and speak to the local people.

Get stuck into the festival spirit, as the people begin preparations for the Popular Saints celebration. Streets will be filled with characters, folk music and plenty of spectators come the festival in June.

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It’s just before the peak holiday season, but not quite yet filled to the brim with tourists. Jump on a flight to the Amalfi Coast, Italy, to see the region in all its glory before it becomes inundated.

The spring flowers are in bloom, the weather is more than pleasant enough, and the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea allows for the first leisurely dips of the season.

Hire a car and explore sleepy villages, taste the cuisine and appreciate this beautiful coastline.


Forget the crowded beaches of Europe and head farther afield. Fiji is the ultimate island escape at this time of the year.

It’s the start of Summer, the rainy season has been and gone. The weather is dry, hot and sunny - just perfect.

The water clarity is perfect for exploring the ocean. Dive and snorkel, discover the underwater playground and perhaps even be lucky enough to swim amongst the manta rays,

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Greece is idyllic during the Summer. Head to Corfu, a rugged island renowned for its beaches.

Head to the south of the island for a truly authentic visit. Traditional white-washed towns, olive groves and an unspoiled coastline await travellers.

Find a quiet cove and take a dip in the ocean - you’ll probably need to cool down as temperatures often exceed 30 degrees celsius.


The kids are back at school and as a result, resorts, beaches and towns are noticeably quieter. Head to Ibiza where it still feels like summer, yet the chaos has subsided.

The closing parties are taking place at the big clubs and hotels have significantly knocked their prices. As the crowds ease, it’s easy to spend the day on secluded beach all to yourself.

September is the best month for watching the sunset in Ibiza. Grab a cocktail and head to a beach bar for a beautiful view.

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What better place to spend Oktoberfest than Munich, Germany?

The largest festival of its kind in the world, there are over 30 serving beer tents, hundreds of attractions, tonnes of German sausage and millions of litres of beer.

Book your flights and hotel well in advance as they tend to fill up quickly. Stay as close to the centre as you can, as you never want to be too far away from a beer tent.


The little island of Isla Holbox, Mexico, is a must-visit during this time of the year.

Only two hours north of Cancun, it’s a paradise worlds away from tourist-centred resorts. White sandy beaches, the bluest of oceans and a huge array of diverse wildlife await travellers.


Although Winter back here in the UK, this time of year is when New Zealand has its Summer.

Long, sunny days make perfect conditions for exploring the outdoors.It’s ideal for visiting Lake Tekapo, seeing a traditional Maori Haka or taking a tour of the South Island.

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