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Why Jericoacoara, Brazil is next years holiday destination

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Why Jericoacoara, Brazil is next years holiday destination

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There are two types of Travellers when it comes to planning a holiday abroad. Some prefer to choose a much more uncommon and least visited location, where as the others like to keep things easy and safe and visit the best rated and most popular places on their travels. 

However, we need to understand that there are many other beautiful and super amazing places in the world that need to be explored. 

Our example we're going to use is Jericoacoara in Brazil. The most common questions that people ask are, where?, why? and how should they visit these locations? So we have decided to put together a little something around this amazing and unusual location for Holiday goers.

So here are some reasons why you should visit Jericoacoara, Brazil:

1. Pedra Furada

This Pierced rock holds up to 1,150 stone paintings that date back to approximately 12,000 years Before Present and is known to be one of the biggest attraction of Jericoacoara that attracts millions of tourists every year. There is natural arch like formation on the beach and people love to climb the rocks, witness the extraordinary paintings and take cool photos. It would not be wrong to say that it is the perfect location for endless Instagram opportunities.

2. Dune sunset

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Jericoacoara as it consists of blue lagoons, calm seas and huge dunes. If you get chance to visit this place, you should definitely try and time it so you arrive as the sun is about to set, then you get chance to see the most gorgeous of scenes as the sun meets the water and it seems like it is sinking into the dunes.

Normally you would go to these places and expect them to be massively over populated by tourists, but not here, not at the dunes. 

The village itself was only introduced to Electricity in 1998 and Luckily today a hot shower and air conditioning are no longer luxuries. However, since the illumination of the streets is forbidden by local law, this means that the street lighting is still provided by the moon and the stars, which makes this a very special place in our eyes.

3. Tree Sloth Beach and Park

Most people have the misconception of Jericoacoara and believe that it is the land of the seas and the beaches. But If you are in the town, you can't forget to visit this park because it is filled with so many amazing scenes throughout. With it's many astonishing and beautiful tree sloths climbing from tree to tree (They really are just the coolest animals to watch). You may also want to know that swimming in the park is also allowed and hours of fun can be spent here, enjoying a few different activities whilst in the sandy area.

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4. Duna do Por do Sol

The area is famous it's beaches.

5. Malhada beach

The area is blessed with the tall cliffs, clear water, and amazing beaches. It is one of the most visited destinations around the globe. you can enjoy many amazing seaside activities like surfing, boating, and swimming. The nightlife of the town is also very popular due to the amazing bars and remarkable cocktail menus. There is an environmental protected area that will allow you to enjoy even in the presence of turtles and dolphins.

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In Jericoacoara, you really do get a bit of everything, from the sandy beaches, clear blue sea, lagoons, desert looking landscapes to beautiful country views, so please be sure to visit all the top attractions we've pointed out and spend the quality time needed in each destination. If you ever get confused or lost you can always get the help you need from the number 1 Travel App, the "RoarApp" to find your way or to extend your plans.

It's important that you plan before you reach your destinations, this way you will waste less time and get the most out of the city.

We hope this helps and you get to enjoy your once in a lifetime trip!

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