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What to do in Sydney for two days?

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

What to do in Sydney for two days?

You have two days in Sydney,

Once travelling abroad returns, post COVID-19, we strongly recommend visiting the iconic Australian city, Sydney.

Here is a how to make the most of it in only 48 hours...

Day 1

  1. Start the day with a beautiful walk around Sydney’s famous harbour. Here, you will find global iconic sights of Sydney’s Opera House and Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. While admiring these incredible sights, you can also find many cafes and restaurants around the harbour. Most of them have great views overlooking these iconic sights. Furthermore, if you have time we highly recommend visiting Ken Done’s art exhibition, as his artwork is full of vibrant colourful pictures. His exhibition can be found near the Harbour Bridge.
  2. In the afternoon, we recommend exploring beyond Sydney’s harbour, as this city is also a great place for shopping, visiting its famous sporting stadiums (cricket and rugby), and has a wide variety of places to eat and drink! Another way to spend your afternoon is to watch a show at the world famous Opera House.
  3. It's evening time! If you want to see how vibrant Sydney is, then climbing up the harbour bridge is a no brainer! We recommend the 7pm time-slot in the summer, as climbing up at this time will also allow you to catch the sunset and see the city lights twinkle over the water. The views over the city and the harbour is a magical experience, especially as you overlook the Opera House, and is a very romantic place to take your partner too. Although, if you’re travelling solo then this attraction is still a must do! You can also have professional photos taken of you overlooking the city for a cheap price.

Day 2

  1. After, experiencing the breath-taking views from the bridge climb, we recommend taking a day tour to the Blue Mountains, which also includes Scenic World and Featherdale Wildlife Park. The information for this small group tour limited to 18 people, will be provided at the end of this article. Important note coming up – make sure you don’t forget your camera, as this tour is full of things to snap!
  2. The first attraction you visit is Scenic World. Here, you go on the world’s steepest scenic railway and enjoy the incredible views of the Jamison Valley. After spending the morning here, your next stop will be admiring the Blue Mountains National park, which is World Heritage-listed. The landscape is inspiring and you can definitely see the blueness that makes these mountains’ name. Finally, the tour will take you to Featherdale Wildlife Park, where you can meet and even get up and close to Australian animals. Here, you can opt to hand-feed Kangaroos and Koalas. If you’re an animal lover, then you're going to love this place!

Do you have any recommendations on what to do in Sydney? Comment below.

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