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​What are the 3 Best Things to do in Dubrovnik?

Nico McKenzie by Nico McKenzie

​What are the 3 Best Things to do in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik is a beautiful UNESCO coastal city in the south of Croatia. It is often known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic‘ given its famous medieval Old Town, massive stone walls, and stunning landscapes — and well, of course, it is also well-known for being the filming location of the HBO hit series: Game of Thrones. 

As it towers over the azure Adriatic sea, it’s definitely not hard to see why thousands of travellers flock to this beautiful maritime town every year. No matter the number of days you’ll be staying, there are so many cool things to do in Dubrovnik, as well as beautiful places both in the city and its surroundings that are worthy to be explored for your Croatia itinerary.

So whether you plan on being in town for a day or more, here are the best things to do in Dubrovnik that you should consider!

1. Walls of Dubrovnik

The first thing you'll see as you approach Dubrovnik from the sky or the sea is the city walls. These ancient fortifications were built and rebuilt in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries as the threat of Turkish invaders grew. At some points, the walls are almost 20 feet thick and 82 feet high. They enclose the entire Old Town, protected by strategically placed forts and towers.

2. Dubrovnik Old Town

By the end of your visit to this circumvented paradise, you might find yourself wanting to stay inside the formidable stone city walls beyond your scheduled itinerary.

Stroll down the town's main thoroughfare, Stradun, to understand the bustling vibrancy of Dubrovnik. And don't miss the impressive Luza Square or Large Onofrio's Fountain, which was built in 1438 to provide fresh spring water.

3. Lokrum Island

Dubrovnik's beaches, while gorgeous, are limited in space and number and can get very crowded. So where are you going to catch some rays in this resort paradise? Lokrum Island is the picture-perfect answer, according to recent visitors who say it makes for a fun day trip away from the crowds of Dubrovnik. Less than half a mile offshore, this forested island calls onlookers from the Dubrovnik city walls. For swimmers, the island also offers a small saltwater lake.

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