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Visiting New York on a Budget

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Visiting New York on a Budget

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Despite being the most expensive city in the US, it is actually possible to see the Big Apple on a budget! Whether you want to shop, see the sights or watch a show on Broadway, there are an abundance of activities to do which require very little cost.

Follow our guide to ensure that you get the most out of your visit to New York on a tight budget.

Cheap flights

New York is more accessible than ever before, with low-cost airlines now offering flights direct from across the UK. Jet2 offer flights from eight airports across the UK, including Newcastle, from £399.

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Choose budget accommodation

Visit the most expensive city in the US during the Winter months for a better deal on your accommodation. Remember, ‘budget’ does not necessarily mean that you’ll have to sacrifice style and comfort- there are plenty of reasonably-priced hotels, apartments and hostels.

Browse Airbnb to find some hidden gems amongst the bustling streets. You’re guaranteed to find a generous-sized apartments for around $75 per night.

If you prefer the luxury of a hotel, the centrally-located Ameritania Hotel just off glitzy Times Square and only 900 yards from Central Park is perfect. There are modern, spacious rooms boasting designer bathrooms from around $170.

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Getting around

The Subway is open 24/7 and is probably the easiest way to navigate the city. Get your hands on a MetroCard to make your journeys easier (only $16 for a 7-day unlimited travel pass).

For those who may prefer a more scenic (and less crowded!) journey across the city, you can join a free walking tour. The Big Apple Greeters are a group of native New-Yorkers who offer their local expertise for nothing; learn where to get the best pizza and how to navigate the subway, as well as a whole host of New York-related trivia!

Hire a bike around Central Park for a fun and affordable way to get around. Hire starts from aas little as $15.

Staten Island ferry is completely free and provides a majestic view of New York’s harbour between Manhattan and Staten Island, including a spectacular view of the Statue of Liberty.

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Visit free sights

Walk across Brooklyn Bridge, one of New York’s most distinguishable landmark, to see the skyline from a different perspective.

Pay your respects at the 9/11 memorial, a memorial remembering the 2,996 lives that were lost in 2001. Visit the museum which is free after 5pm on Tuesdays.

The Bronx Zoo, one of the largest zoos in the world, is pay-what-you-wish on Wednesdays.

New York is renowned for its long-standing tradition of making art and culture accessible to all; the Guggenheim Museum is free on Saturdays from 5.45-7.45pm, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is pay-as-you-wish every day, and the Museum of Modern Art is free on Fridays from 4-8pm.

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Eating Out

New York certainly isn’t short of fairly priced and delicious restaurants! You may think fast-food joints are on every corner of this city and you aren’t wrong!

However, there are plenty of authentic, family-run restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, from Filipino cuisine at 2nd City NYC (where prices are around £8 per dish) to Spanish tapas at Il Bambino Panini (where you can also try delicious, cheap cocktails and beer).

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