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Top 5 locations for hiking holidays in Europe

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Top 5 locations for hiking holidays in Europe

Amazing heights, best scenery, and landscapes full of challenges, the hiking trails of Europe has something amazing for everyone. Europe has the best collection of the hiking trails that will leave you amazing. So here we have the list of the best locations for the hiking holidays in Europe. All of them are very challenging and that it what makes everything exciting.

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1-Tour Du Mount Blanc

Commonly called the TMB it is regarded as the largest hiking trail that you will find in Europe. The trail covers 170 km and you will get the chance to pass through the countries like:

The trails end in the Western Alps. Most of the hikers will walk on the trail in an anti-clockwise direction to accomplish it within 11 days. It will give you an extraordinary experience.

2-Alta Via 1

It is the best hiking journey and the trail connects Belluno in the South and Dobbiaco in the North. The route covers almost 120 km and the highest point of the trail is reached at the 2752 meters. It takes 10 days for the hikers to complete this trail and they get the chance to experience the beauty of some of the famous mountains like:

3-The Kings Trail

It is the 440 km trail in Sweden that passes through the Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve. In Europe, it is the largest protected area.


It is the hiking trail that crosses the Corsica diagonally in 180 km from north to south. It is regarded as one of the most difficult hiking routes and a gorgeous trail that you will find in Europe. The best thing about the trail is that you can complete it within 15 days and you will not require even single climbing equipment. However, you have to ensure that you are physically fit and strong to accomplish it.

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5-Hot Spring Route

One of the most popular hikes in Iceland that are full of many challenging landscapes. You can cover the entire hiking area in just 55 km that is the most amazing thing about the location. You can complete the trail within 2 to 4 days and it would lead towards the hot springs and the glacier valley. For an additional 2 days walking you can also combine the trek of Fimmvörðuháls trail.

Bottom line

Europe is a very exciting place that will provide you something amazing to visit so that your journey will be enjoyable. Make sure to visit the hiking trails with friends and make some of the best memories.

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