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Top 5 Bars in Copenhagen

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Top 5 Bars in Copenhagen

The people of Copenhagen love to have fun and go out. There are many Fantastic bars and pubs in this big city, where you can get lost in time and whilst having the best of time and forgetting about all your worries. For the tourists, it often becomes hard to select the best places to experience the nightlife of Copenhagen. Here we have chosen the top 5 bars in Copenhagen that we feel will be perfect for you to visit.

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1- 1656

If you want to spend some quality time relaxing with your beverage, dimmed lights and calm music then nothing will beat the 1656. Here you will find the best cocktail menu and the staff are very friendly. You will come across some of the traditional cocktails that are famous for being so delicious. The atmosphere in this venue really relaxes most. Everything about 1656 is highly recommended and that is why it is in our top pick. 

2- Holmens KanalIf 

If you are on a business trip and want to take your clients somewhere unique where you can finalise the deal with some slick talking and some very pleasant taster courses, then Holmens will be the ideal location for you. They have a top class interior where you will appreciate the elegance and your clients will be amazed at your choice. You can order some classy drinks that will definitely meet your expectations. This place is very pleasant and refreshing which puts a great ora around everyones mood.

3- JazzHouse

It is the place that brought some of the big names of Jazz to the music industry. They have been serving the guests with top quality music and the best drinks in the town. Here you will experience the perfect combination of the past and the future. Some of the Jazz players are still available that will make your evening even more exciting whilst spend some quality time in this great place.

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4- Lidkoeb

The interior of the place has been designed by leather, wood and fur that gives it an elegant look.

5- Mikkeller and friends

It is a posh place to spend some quality time with friends. The lighting of the bar is dim and it would give you the view that you are in an elegant and classy place. The interior of the bar is unique and has a calming effect on the body. the main attraction of the bar is the 40 unique types of beers that you will not find in any other place.

Recommended by Roar

Copenhagen has set the highest standards of bars and pubs in Europe that are hard to meet. Here you will come across a diverse collection of cocktails that experiencing all of them becomes hard. The city has been famous for spoiling the beer lovers with several microbreweries and brew pubs.

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