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Top 5 Bars in Barcelona

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Top 5 Bars in Barcelona

5 Bars we recommend when in Barcelona

Barcelona is the state of nightlife and party. There are many amazing bars in the area that it would be hard for you to select the one where you can go and enjoy. Whether you are with friends or your partner here is the list of top 5 bars in Barcelona that you must visit.

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1-Rubi Bar

It is one of the top gin bars that you must visit in Barcelona. You will get the chance to enjoy some of the top quality cocktails that would be hard to find in any other state. Rubi bar adds a special ingredient during the preparation of their drinks and this is the reason that they are different from the rest.

You will also get natural drinks with the real fruits and a pint of gin. It is the perfect place to party with friends.

2-Old Fashioned

If you want to change your style than this vintage style bar in Barcelona will be a perfect choice.

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3-The Lime House

It is the bar with the largest list of the homemade gin and cocktails that you would ever come across. Once you will start visiting the area it would be hard for you to select whether you would like to have the old one again or is it time for a new flavor.

The rates in this bar are affordable especially that of mojitos. It is popular among the locals and students.


For years, Elephanta has been the leader of the gin and tonic scene in Barcelona. There are 40 different types of gin that you can select and the best thing is that the bartenders have been highly trained. They will make every gin with care and the ingredients will be properly added. So every sip that you have will be the definition of perfection.

5-Bobby Gin

It is the place where the tonics are trendy and people specially visit to have sip of the amazing gin that is served. There is the largest selection of gin available and you can select from the following major categories:

Bobby gin is the place to go if you want to experience perfection as they have been awarded world-class bartender in 2011. 

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