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The must see tourist attractions in Prague

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

The must see tourist attractions in Prague

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Once Prague was a mystery even for the people of Europe. Today it is one of the most visited cities around the world. Here you come across a display of history and you get to see the ancient artefacts of the compact city where ever you walk. There are many amazing and very beautiful places where you can sit and enjoy your quality holiday time, but if you find yourself wondering around this mesmerising city looking for the most exciting and the must see tourist attractions in Prague, make sure that you visit the following tourist's attractions.

1. Powder tower

In the old towns of Prague, this is one of the oldest gates that was built in the 11th century and then it was reconstructed in the 14th century. In the 17th century, gunpowder was stored in the building and that is why it is called the powder tower. It was the place where often the kings were crowned. Here you will get the knowledge about the royal history that ran throughout the town of Prague that has been kept hidden for many years.

2. Dancing house

Prague is famous for the amazing buildings that are will not be replicated anywhere else around the globe. The biggest attraction of the city is the dancing house. It would not be wrong to call the Powder Tower a masterpiece in its own rights. Most tourists cue up to take there 100s of photos. They say the edgy-ness of the building is second to non in Prague and some even claim that the building it self looks like a lady dancing.

3. Old New Synagogue

It is one of the oldest synagogues in Prague.

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4. Tyn Church

It is one of the most famous and historical attractions that you will find in Prague. It was constructed in the times of Our Lady. The towers of the church clime to 80 meters high and it seems like they just keep on going into the sky.

Here you will find the true art work from the Gothic times. It was built in 11th century and in 14th it was reconstructed. The church was designed by the top architect Matthias of Arras, he has also built many other buildings in Prague.

5. Mala Strana

It is the old town in Prague that was founded as the royal town and still has some of the amazing historical buildings and sites where you can enjoy some of the best experiences. When you stroll in the streets you will find that most of the cities have the same traditional architectural looks.

There are many amazing restaurants and street food stalls where you can enjoy some very tasty and traditional Prague cuisine.

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Prague might still be a mystery to many tourists, so if you are ready to explore this amazing land it is the time that you pack your bags and book your flights. Prague is their waiting to be explored and all of its hidden secrets will eventually get the acknowledgment and appreciation that they deserve. Prague truly is one of the most beautiful Cities in Europe and is well worth visiting!

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