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The Best Clubs in York

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

The Best Clubs in York


Very popular with the young set, #TFIF – Thank Flares It’s Friday - lets you dance the night away to sounds of the 70’s to the 00’s. Saturdays is Party Hard night with DJ Little Jay and giant partini cocktails to share with all your mates. It goes on until 3.00 am.

Club Salvation

If you like it late, this could be your salvation. Open at 10.00 pm and goes through until 4.30 am. Club Salvation is spread across three buildings with two main rooms and a large outdoor terrace. Cheap drinks on Saturdays.

Vudu Lounge

The home of R & B and Hip Hop with live DJ’s seven nights a week. Be a guest in one of the LED party booths where you can literally dance on the seats! Decadence meets rustic here: top champagnes served alongside world class beers. Vudu Lounge is shamefully unapologetic for being different.

Kuda Bar and Club

Large bar/lounge with first floor balcony. Visiting DJ’s and party nights abound. The coolest club in York - according to some – the downstairs Tiki Bar playing hip hop and rap exclusively. It’s a nice clean venue and always busy.  

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