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The 7 best European holiday destinations for students

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

The 7 best European holiday destinations for students

Students often find it hard to go on a vacation due to the tight budget as they have to meet their educational expenses. However, this is the age to have fun, when you are not committed to the responsibilities and you can use this time to explore and experience as much of the world as you want. If you have saved up some money, here we have the best European destination that you can visit.

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The German capital is a very versatile city where everyone can find something exciting. There are many amazing tourists sites, such as:

The metro is the best and cheapest way to reach wherever it is you fancy seeing first. Lastly, there are many underground rave scenes and clubs where you can experience the surreal nightlife that Berlin has to offer!


This place will be your spoilt choice. Here you can find some of the most amazing bars and restaurants where you can really spend some quality time admiring and taking in the real beauty of your surroundings. The main attraction of this special place is the crystal clear water of the sea and the soothing weather; however those of you that love the night life, you can find one of the best night clubs in Europe here that goes by the name of Carpe Diem, Celebrities such as Beyonce, Tom Cruise and Prince Harry have been spotted here!


It is the capital of Slovenia where you can find the perfect blend of city and nature-culture. 45 minutes away from the state lies the Lake Bled that is famous for its charm. The most popular features of this city is its beautiful artsy surroundings and of course its fairly cheap to visit. You can grab a beer, eat at the centre and visit many quality places like parks and museums.


Here you will enjoy the best weather, the best dancing and you can visit some of the cities major Landmarks. The daily average temperature for Seville is usually around 28 °C. Some amazing attractions for this city are:

If you want to keep it slow then Seville will provide you a gateway towards relaxation and some amazing places to spend quality time.

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5-Canary Island

Most students will only be wanting a one-week escape and their favorite spot could be the Canary Islands. Here you will find the endless Irish pubs to enjoy some amazing and refreshing cocktails. You can visit the blind Albino crabs. For cuisines, it is famous for delicious cheese meals. usually Jet 2 holidays provide some great all offers for this place with very exceptional prices!


If you have the idea of holiday bliss in mind then the beaches of Portugal are the perfect. Here you will come across some of the nicest coastlines in Europe. Enjoy the seaside activities at an affordable cost and you will come across some amazing restaurant that will serve you the traditional cuisines.


From the filming of the hit show Games of Thrones, to its beautiful pebbled beaches. It is the perfect destination for the summer holidays where you will find some of the most amazing beaches to relax. If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city then the best solution is to take a ferry to the Elaphiti Islands. The shade of the water is simply mesmerising. You will find every shade of blue in the water and some truly outstanding views. 

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Ensure that you visit the best attractions and the amazing bars in Europe. There are also many historical museums just waiting to be explored. Make your nights memorable by having fun and dancing your heart out. Make some of the best memories traveling whilst you can!

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