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Planning your Summer holiday? Here are the hottest destinations of 2018!

Maddy Faulkner by Maddy Faulkner

Planning your Summer holiday? Here are the hottest destinations of 2018!

Say goodbye to the January blues and start planning your Summer holiday!

Summer will be round the corner before we know it, so make sure that you’re prepared. To help you out and provide some inspiration, we have gathered a few of the hottest destinations of 2018.

Trust us - you’ll be bursting with excitement and enthusiasm when you check out these idyllic destinations and see what they have to offer!

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Although it is one of Europe’s smallest countries, there is plenty to do and see in Montenegro for couples, families and friends.

With rugged mountains, medieval villages and beaches along the Adriatic coastline, it’s a charming country which is becoming more and more popular with tourists.

The capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, is by far the largest city in the country, and has plenty of vast parks, galleries and an excellent cafe culture. Most tourists tend to visit the coastline, where picturesque Budva and Kotor are situated.

The main holiday city, Budva, has a beautifully atmospheric old quarter which is steeped in cultural heritage, with narrow streets and quaint shops. It also boasts an incredible array of uncrowded beaches with crystal-clear water - just perfect for snorkelling.

The Bay of Kotor, an unusually shaped bay situated in the north of Montenegro, is a dazzling destination boasting boutique hotels, restaurants and a marina. Kotor itself is home to the country’s largest nightclub, Maximus, which fills the town with a variety of music into the early hours during the Summer months.

Where to Stay: Hotel Splendid in Budva has 322 spacious and plush, decadent rooms. There are several pools with hot tubs, cascades, showers, wooden bridges and palms, and on the beach there is jet-ski hire and parasailing available. Double rooms start from £111.

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Sicily, Italy

The gorgeous island of Sicily continues to entice travellers with its breathtaking landscape and cultural heritage. It’s the largest Mediterranean island with a combination of rocky outcrops, sandy beaches and rolling hills.

Sicily’s buzzing capital, Palermo, is situated on the north-west coast. At over 2700 years old, the city is charming and rich in culture. It’s narrow streets are home to many market stalls, where there is a ‘souk’ atmosphere offering a splendid array of food, handmade gifts and clothing.

Make sure you brush up on your Italian as Palermo is incredibly authentic and it’s backstreets are still undiscovered by many tourists!

Those looking for sophistication on the island should head to Marzamemi, a pretty fishing village known for its tremendous fresh seafood. It’s home to trendy restaurants, open-air bars and boutiques. In July it often hosts an International Film Festival during which films are projected directly on the walls of the buildings surrounding the main square in the evening - what better way to end a day of blissful sunbathing?

Where to Stay: BB22 in Palermo, the city’s first boutique bed and breakfast, is tucked away in a tiny piazza. It’s bedrooms, which were designed by an expert interior designer, vary in design yet are all beautiful. There are scores of places to eat and drink nearby, as well as a traditional market. Double rooms from £43 per night.

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