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How to spend 48 hours in Budapest

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

How to spend 48 hours in Budapest

Traveling is a dream for many and a way of relaxation for others. This is the reason that every year when summer is around the corner most of the plans a tour to the place that they would like to visit. However, we have some adventurous souls that like to travel to the areas that are not on the top list of most of the people.

The explorers cannot stay in the same place for a long time and so they like to spend one or two days and then they move on to the next city. So if you are in for some adventure here is how you can get the most out of Budapest in 48 hours.

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Day one

As soon as you reach Budapest, the first thing that you must do is enjoy the traditional Hungarian breakfast at the local cafe or coffee house. Most of the cafes will provide you the perfect view of the cities and you can enjoy the delicious croissants and beagles with boiled eggs and sour creams.

If you have the confidence, your next stop should be the House of Terror Museum that is only a few miles away and you can reach there with metro. Enjoy the ride of the oldest ground metro and make sure that you stop at the Vörösmarty Utca. Here you will get a chance to experience the rule of the Nazi and the communist’s law if you are interested in history.

From there take a one-minute stroll down the opera house and you will come across some of the best restaurants where you can enjoy the quality meal at an affordable rate.

After the lunch visit the Opera House where you will get a chance to experience the beauty of Sisi with whom the Hungarians are obsessed. Get back on the metro and visit The Museum of Fine Arts. From the museum make sure that you visit the Bastion that is the perfect place to enjoy a sunset with your lover.

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Day two

On the second day here are some of the top places that you must visit before leaving Budapest:

In the market of hall you will find dome amazing restaurants for launch. After the lunch, you can relax in the pool or spend some time on the Liberty Bridge. Now till 3 pm you can explore the city as much as you want. Make sure that your last dinner a little posh and visit any of the 5-star restaurants

Bottom line

When you get to Budapest, make sure that you spend less time resting and more time exploring. It is a beautiful land where you will find the top attractions and some lovely people to spend time with. Ensure that you capture all the memories so that you can show them to your friends and family.

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