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How to get the best from Amsterdam in 48 hours

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

How to get the best from Amsterdam in 48 hours

You might consider Amsterdam as the small Dutch capital but the city is packed with some of the most amazing cultural sites. The city is emerging from the deep midwinter with a creative and fresh boost. You will come across amazing hotels and attractions. Here is how to get the most out of Amsterdam within 48 hours.

The best way to start your journey is to know the city's lay out and history.

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Day 1

Cruise the canals

A ride in the cruise will allow you to have the best overview of the city. You will get a chance to write down all the places that attract you. The canal and lovers are one of the most famous facilities that you will come across.

Hidden Culture

Your cruise ride will end near the Amsterdam Museum, perfect chance to explore and find out everything about the place. Once you have experienced the 800 years old culture of the city it is the time that you walk towards the Spuiplein. Here you will find a barely noticeable door that will take you to Begijnhof. Here you can take a peaceful stroll around the courtyard.

For a Lunch break

Visit the Day Square; here you will come across many unique cafes that will serve you the best sandwiches and some refreshing drinks. Grab what you want and enjoy the meal.

Rent a bike to explore the town

After lunch, you will find many reputable bike rentals nearby, rent a bike for 24 hours or more and explore the following places:

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Day 2

It is time to explore what lies on the other side of the water and culture of Amsterdam.


Begin the second day by visiting some of the popular museums including:

Lunch under tree and the head cross river

If the sun is out, you can enjoy your lunch under the shade of the tree in any of the famous parks. In case it is raining or chilly Hortus Botanicus cafĂ© will be your perfect alternative choice. Now take a ferry ride to the other side of the water and visit the famous EYE Film museum and from there you can bike across the Durgerdam or Broek in Waterland that is an old village. Spending the last few hours at nearby bars or cafe's

When you start your journey, you will see that Amsterdam is hard to cover in 48 hours. However, the beauty and culture of the city will mesmerize you. Enjoy your time with friends and family and do not forget to make the best memories.  

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