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Hotels in Barcelona

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Hotels in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful place with several traditional and cultural attractions. Millions of tourists visit Barcelona every year to explore its beauty. Businessmen and students like to visit Barcelona for their projects and for their studies. Some of them have a short trip while others plan to stay here for a long time. Here we are looking at best short and long stay Hotel Apartments in Barcelona.

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If you are planning to visit any hotel in Barcelona with your partner, then this hotel near the coast will be perfect as you can enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and watch the sun disappear over the horizon from many beautiful spots. La Barceloneta is a neighborhood in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, this Hotel provides a master bedroom and a kitchen which is independent and filled with all the necessary appliances and equipment, which is pretty ideal for the long stays. For those of you wanting to spend a bit more then just a week here then you would be happy to know that the monthly cost of rent for this hotel is affordable.


It is a perfect hotel if you are visiting with family or friends. The 6 person hotel has 3 bedrooms, and independent kitchen which is fully equipped and a bathroom with shower. You will get a proper air conditioning, washing machine, and free WiFi facility. It is only a few minutes away from all important spots like airport, mall and transportation stops. Currently the minimum stay during this season is 32 nights.


It is a single floor, fully furnished long stay hotel where you can spend quality time while focusing on your work.


If you are here for business and not so much for the pleasure and you plan to stay in Barcelona for some time then Sabateret will be your best choice. It has a Double bed with bathroom and a fully equipped independent kitchen. There are all the appliances that you might require and you can book the apartment for as long as you like. The studio apartment is located in the heart of the city centre and has a balcony which is perfect for you to work from.

Bathroom and laundry include: 

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This Apartment was completely renovated and furnished in September 2014 and is perfect for a Long stay. The hotel is fully furnished and has a capacity for 6 people. There are 3 bedrooms with master bed, a bathroom with shower and independent kitchen. Air conditioning and heating facilities are available with free WiFi and other entertainment equipment. 

6. Newfangled Plaça Santa Madrona

You can book this beautiful short stay apartment from Air BnB from around £147/ night. All the rooms round up to be able to sleep 6 and when you look at the images you will see how well-furnished this place is. There are two master bedrooms, single bathroom, and an independent kitchen. 

You will also find: 

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It is important that you research before selecting the hotels in Barcelona that may tickle your fancy. Ensure that which ever Hotel you select definitely meets your requirements and budget (with no hidden Costs or extra VAT). Bare in mind that which ever hotel you select is close to your destination so you don't have to deal with the expensive transportation costs.

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