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Hotel reviews in Thailand - Helping you find your perfect Place to stay

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Hotel reviews in Thailand - Helping you find your perfect Place to stay

Whether you a Businessman or a student, their is a place for every kind of person to stay in Thailand. The warm weather, affordable rates, amazing destinations and friendly people attract millions of tourists every year. Tourists often find it hard to select the best place to stay, so here we have the top hotel reviews in Thailand just for you guys.

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1-Blue Heaven - Ko Tao

It is one of the best and most beautiful locations for the short stay. All the homes provide the perfect view of the sea that will make it hard for you to leave the house. You can visit the Blue Heaven Restaurant where the best Thai Cuisines will welcome you with their mesmerising fragrances. This beautiful accommodation provides Free wifi, Laundry service and also hits up and awesome 4 stars on trip adviser!

2-Huen Chan Thip - Chiang Rai

Huen Chan is the ideal place for students as it is affordable and has special facilities like free WiFi, TV in the room, refrigerator and air-conditioning for your short stay. Private bathroom and perfectly organised seating rooms are available. Located in the best locations you can spend your time in the outdoor pool, visit the nearest shopping malls or explore all the other beautiful sites this location has to offer. The rooms here in Huen Chan Thip are clean and well appointed and the staff are friendly and helpful.

3-KTK Royal Residence – Pattaya

It is the perfect location if you are planning to visit Thailand and only want to stay in one place for a short period of time. You will be able to enjoy your time with your partner in the comfortable abode. The housekeeping services and other amenities of life are available to give you the best experience. Different packages are available so you can select the one that meets your requirements. This place also provides you with Free Wifi, Free Parking, a Breakfast Buffet, Air Conditioning and a Pool. are doing exceptional discounts on this place at the moment, so book whilst you can!

4-Cape House – Bangkok

The Cape house is located in a prestigious neighborhood in Bangkok. The hotel proved an easy access to all the important entertainment and business districts as well as the parks and embassies. The services are luxurious and the rooms have been elegantly designed that will make your long stay comfortable. You will come across an Italian restaurant, gym, pool and high-speed internet access. This place has an outstanding 4.5 star rating and provides Free Wifi, Free Parking, Breakfast Buffet, Air Conditioning and a Pool for those days where the heat is just not bearable. Currently Expedia are doing the best rates for booking at this venue! 

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5- Kameo Grand – Rayong

It is the perfect place for the long stay. The hotel will provide you with amazing services that will exceed your expectations every time. The accommodation comes with all the facilities that you will need for a comfortable stay.

6- Kantary Hotel – Ayutthaya

The hotel is designed perfectly for the extended business trips. The interior is amazing and the rooms are very comfortable to ensure that the tourists will have a home like experience. It has set higher accommodation standards in the area. The hotel is at a perfect location that makes it easy for the businessmen to visit the major industrial areas. It is the first choice of many travellers and are currently providing the best prices for this accommodation: 

Hotel Amenities include:

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All the hotels available in the list are affordable, but booking through travel agents may not be the best idea, many travelling to Thailand book their flights and then sort their accommodation out when arriving as the prices do drop more then what the travel agents provide, although we do recommend perhaps booking at least your first nights accommodation just to be safe and to save the stress when arriving. We would also recommend Flying into Bangkok international airport as this is most central, but select the location you are most comfortable with so you can have a good time. If you are on a long stay you will most likely get the chance to enjoy some traditional festivals and experience the cultural beauty of Thailand. Also Check out this article to see how our App is the best Travelling tool out there! 

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