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Guarantee the sunshine! Ten Child-Friendly Short Haul Destinations

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Guarantee the sunshine! Ten Child-Friendly Short Haul Destinations

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Planning a trip with children is a daunting act because you have to plan everything around them to assure that the entire family will enjoy. However, if you know where to begin you can easily manage the entire trip. Here we have the top ten long haul destinations for couples with children.

1-Algarve, Portugal

You can spend an entire vacation in Algarve. Take your kids to the Aqualand for an exciting experience. The biggest attraction is the water park that has Banzai, one of the largest water slides.

2-Menorca, Spain

Here you can enjoy the sun, sand and sea holiday. Your kids can participate in the beach activities while you relax under the warmth of the sun. The island has some of the loveliest beaches.

3-Barcelona, Spain

If your kids are in love with art and architecture, you should take them to the beautiful city of Barcelona. They can experience the old and modern art in the museums and enjoy the wonderful buildings that have been designed by famous architects.

4-Brittany, France

If you want your destination to have a moderate weather than try visiting Brittany. The kids can enjoy the sandy beaches and make the best sand castles and you can have a relaxing massage at some quality spa.

5-Edinburgh, Scotland

It is an ideal destination for the family holiday. There are

Kids can enjoy the fire juggling and participate in different shows.

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6-Disneyland Paris, France

Disneyland has always been the biggest attraction for the kids. There are many unique and dangerous rides, all the Disney characters, and some marvelous dishes that your trip will become the most memorable.

7-Europa Park, Germany

If you want your trip to be exciting than take your children to the Europa park. It is a perfect theme park where your children can enjoy the rides and you can sit and relax with your partner in the café or bars.

8-Corfu, Greece

Millions of people visit Corfu every year as it is the perfect destination for the summer holiday. You can enjoy some quiet and peace at the historical villages. There are many scenic walks and beautiful places in the city.

9-Lopud, Croatia

It is a famous destination for families. The children can enjoy themselves in the shallow crystal clear waters off the coast and parents can spend their hours at the lively bars. 

10-Marrakech, Morocco

If you are planning a cultural trip for the children then nothing can be better than Marrakech. They can experience the

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