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Free things to do in London

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Free things to do in London

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London is one of the most beautiful and most visited places in the world and is certainly on the wish list for most people in the world. However, the only issue with visiting London is that it can be so expensive and it can become hard to enjoy if you are on a smaller budget.

So here we have chosen the most exciting things to do in the city that are all free!

1. National gallery

The National Gallery is located next to Trafalgar Square (in the City of Westminster, Central London) which stands high and mighty with its big stone pillars that mark the entrance to this huge stone building. The Gallery was Founded in 1824 and it houses a collection of over 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-13th century to 1900. You will find the masterpieces of the top artists including:

The gallery has the most important art collection in the world that is visited by 6 million people every year. You can visit the gallery anytime you like because it is always free.

2. British Museum

Looking more like a Roman temple with its many stone pillars that stand strong all across the front of the building, the British Museum is absolutely free and is one of the top attractions here in London. Here you can view the history of the entire world. It is famous for the collection of rare artefacts, especially the ones that belonged to the ancient Egyptian mummies. Once inside, you will soon realise how hard it would be to experience the whole museum in only the one day as there are around 80,000 objects displayed in just one section - that only makes up to 1% of the 8 million pieces that are available to see in the museum.

3. Tate Modern

The Tate building can be found in Bankside, London - This being another gallery that houses the UK's national collection of British art, and also the international modern and contemporary art. If you ask around this place is one of the most loved attractions of the city.

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4. Greenwich Park

take a walk through Greenwick Park and Climb to the top of the hill in the centre so you can experience the amazing view of the city. The park is located in the Heart of London so you can just imagine the views. You can see all the skyscrapers from this spot and in comparisons to where you stand, it makes them look like they are all just small buildings. The hiking track is remarkable and you can enjoy a picnic with your friends and family members.

5. East London Street art

Art attracts everyone but once it is displayed in galleries you will have to pay for a glance. However, the East London street art is free. There is amazing art graffiti on the streets that you can enjoy and experience. No doubt it was done by the street artists but their work became so famous that many tourists especially come to see the beauty of the work.

6. Camden Market

Camden Market is founded amongst the old cities Military stable yard and is a must experience if your visiting London for the first time. As you enter you will come across some stalls that sell some interesting gifts, and as you go deeper the more you discover how amazing this place is. There are many little elegant shops and restaurants that can entertain for hours.

We recommend

When visiting the galleries (especially the National Gallery) be sure to check out the Cafes as they do really good food. 

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