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Best Restaurants In Manchester

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Best Restaurants In Manchester


Oh this is nice! A really clean, white restaurant – no dodgy colours, just plain and simple – serving food seven days a week from 12.00 pm to 10.45 pm, and open until midnight, so there’s no rush. Modern Australian cuisine combined with Asian influences from Japan and Indonesia.


Great British steaks and seafood served here. Set in a Victorian courthouse on Deansgate with parquet flooring, and lots of reclaimed Victorian materials including glazed bricks from a public lavatory in Liverpool. (They promise they were well cleaned!). Roast beef on Sundays that was named “Best Sunday Lunch in the UK” by Observer Food Monthly.

63 Degrees

Confused by the name? Many believe that coffee is best served at exactly that temperature. But Chef Eric Moreau at this fabulous French restaurant will also tell you that it is the exact temperature at which he cooks poultry long and low for flavours and tenderness that you have never before experienced.

The French

This is another confusing one, since it is located in The Midland Hotel and serves great British food! It has won a string of awards over the last couple of years and is now named Adam Reid at The French after the name of the patron and head chef.

Manchester House Restaurant

Offering 10 course tasting menus and 14 course tasting menus, Manchester House Restaurant is the brainchild of Aiden Byrne, a Merseyside man from a humble background who attained the position of Head Chef aged 22. A huge wine list runs to no less than 54 pages!

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