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Best beaches to visit in Tenerife

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Best beaches to visit in Tenerife

When you are in the holiday mood, beach, beer and cocktails will be the first thing that comes to your mind. Tenerife is the place with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pack your bags and get ready to visit the following most attractive beaches.

1-La Tejita

It is the largest natural beach that you will come across on the island. There is a beautiful resort and you have to follow its mainlands that direct you towards the red mountain. Under the mountain lies the Nudists favour cove and apart from that the rest of the area is non-naturist.

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2-Las Teresita

This beach has no natural beauty as it is a manmade beach. Here they import the sands from the Sahara desert to keep the sand level proper. It joins with a beautiful little fishing village.

3-Los Gigantes

Located in the west of the island it is the most popular beach resort that you will come across in Tenerife. There are giant cliffs that reach up to the height of 800 meters. These cliffs get called the big brothers and it seems like they are watching you.4-Fanabe

If you are planning to participate in some kind of water sports then Fanabe is the beach for you! If you are less active you will come across the amazing glass-bottomed boat excursion.

5-EL Bollullo

It is a gorgeous all natural beach that also goes by the name black beauty. It is the perfect place for nature lovers as they will get a chance to explore the remarkable banana plantation.

6-EL Duque

The beach lies on the western tip of the Costa Adeje. It is an exclusive beach, which has been separated from the upper resort and market with the help of rocks. It gives the feeling that is more natural.

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It is the best-preserved destination that you will come across in Tenerife.

8-Playa Jardin

It is an attractive costal landscape created by C├ęsar Manrique. The volcanic sand that has a beautiful botanical garden that compliments the palm trees covering the beach.

9-Las Vistas

Las Vistas is the attractive Blonde Arona Beach over which the blue flag flies. Safe swimming is guaranteed as there are properly trained safe guards that will not let you go into the dangerous limits.


It will give you an amazing blessed feeling when you notice the sun going down into the waves. There are beautiful mountains around the beach that will provide you a chance to explore new species. There are proper cafes where you can recharge your phone or enjoy refreshments.

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