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Best Bars in Vienna

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

Best Bars in Vienna

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Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe that is famous for its fascinating historical buildings. The city of this size has set the standards high with high-quality cocktails as compared to the other European cities. However, we have decided on the top 5 bars in Vienna that you must visit recommended by us.

1. Extrazimmer

This bar belongs to one of vienna’s most legendary bar tenders, a tiny basement that has been converted into an invite only tasting room and private party venue - It is an authentic secret bar in Vienna, Here you can enjoy some quality time admiring what a gem of a place this venue is and you would have time to make the most of its amazing cocktails that are prepared by their best bartenders. If you get a chance to book yourself in their tasting session, they show off the entire preview of how the drinks are prepared and the way this bar has been adjusted.

2. Le Loft

If you are looking for a bar where everything is mostly quiet so you can enjoy some quality time alone or with your partner, the Le Loft is a good choice. It is located on a rooftop and you can enjoy the amazing views of the city. At night, the bar gives an outstanding view of Vienna. The cocktail menu of the bar is also fantastic and they are well known for their delicious drinks.

3. The sign lounge

This venue is one of the best bars in Europe, where you can get the best variety of cocktails. They not only have the famous cocktails of Vienna but also the ones that are loved from all around the globe, The biggest attraction of the bar is it's affordable rates and their beautifully made and vast variety of Cocktails. This bar certainly will be remembered, paying homage to some of the big names Such as Jerry Thomas, Harry Johnson, Erik variety (the American bar at the Savoy London) and many more.

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4. Naschmarkt Deli

Vienna's largest market is a must-visit when in town. This venue is one of the most crowded places in Vienna as its amongst around 120+ other stalls where you can enjoy shopping for different kinds of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and it is filled with many beer suppliers and bars. The place that attracts most of the people is Naschmarkt Deli. It is a small bar that has a small collection of cocktails. Whatever you select from their menu will have the most exceptional taste and you will enjoy every sip of your drink. 

5. Tur 7

The bar has been recently introduced in 2014, The bar is a locked door so you may have to ring the bell and the owner will invite you in to a super cool and chilled out venue. It has grabbed the attention of the tourists as It only has a tiny area for 35/ 36 people. The drinks here are notoriously know for being the best and most tasty in town with a menu of only 7 cocktails, having saying that - dont be shy on making and requests as the owner and bar staff are incredible and only want there customers to be comfortable and happy. This little bar is a real gem in vienna and we highly recommend that you don't miss out!

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It is easy to explore Vienna on foot or by a bike. Most of the bars in Vienna are open until 6 in the morning so you can enjoy as much as you like. You can easily pay through your debit or credit cards. 

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