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Best 10 clubs in Zante

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

 Best 10 clubs in Zante

Zante is famous for its nightlife in Europe and people from around the globe specially visit the place to enjoy some amazing drinks and music. Ensure that you are on the A-list and get ready to enjoy the real nightlife. Here we have the top 10 bars in Zante that you should visit.

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It is the best bar in Zante with the brilliant DJ and the specially raised area for the VIPs. It is a great atmosphere and they will never make you wait.

2-Zero Front Bar

If you want to enjoy the show by the bartender, it is the right spot. They have some of the best bartenders in the world and you will be so mesmerized by the show that it would be even hard to take your eyes off them to have a sip.

3-G-Spot Bar

It is the chilled out place where the waitress is really gorgeous. You can get the best drinks with the amazing services. Do not forget the hunky barman that will quickly set your mood.

4-Drunken Duncans

It is the perfect cocktail factory where you will find all the drinks that you have every wanted. They taste so amazing that you will find it hard to leave the place.

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It gives a nice holiday vibe, the bar is always packed with the guests, and most of them are workers of the area. The staff is very friendly and corporative. They will serve you the best drinks.


It is the perfect place to eat something before you can hit the dance floor and enjoy some marvelous drinks. The bar is always busy with the amazing party atmosphere and the barman is ready to entertain you.

7-Wild Coyote

The saying for this bar goes like act single, look double and drink triple. Here you will get a cool and student type of vibe with the amazing drinks. The best part is they have the coolest music that never stops.

8-Voodoo Bar

Voodoo Bar is a traditional bar that looks amazing with the simple yet classy decor. You will be served with the stunning cocktails and you can hit the dance floor on the upper floor.

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It is one of the leading clubs in the area. It is famous for the best dance music and drinks. You will get:


It is the ideal club for the perfect dance night. You can stay all night and enjoy all types of drinks. Their best are exotic drinks; just name it and you will get it. The atmosphere of the club is amazing.

Bottom line

When you are new in Zante ensure that you stay away from the clubs whose offers are too good to be true. The reason is that they will not serve you good quality alcohol and it will be a waste of time and money. Stay away from the offers like pay 10 euro and drink anything for 5 hours. Enjoy your time in Zante. 

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