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An A to Z of Travel: Tokyo

Maddy Faulkner by Maddy Faulkner

An A to Z of Travel: Tokyo

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Japan’s busy capital, the vibrant city of Tokyo, has something for everyone. Whether you are fan of exploring forests and hiking up mountains, exploring ultra modern buildings and taking in the bright lights of the city, or visiting tranquil, historic shrines - Tokyo is the place to do all three!

As the host city of the 2020 Summer Olympics, we’ll be hearing a lot more of Tokyo in the next few years. But there’s no time like the present to visit this city, as it’s constantly buzzing and the possibilities as a tourist are endless.

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What to Do:

Tokyo’s National Museum, the oldest and largest in Japan, is the perfect place to explore more about the country’s culture and history. The Main Gallery offers a chronological explanation of Japanese history and art, whilst a teahouse and gardens offer the perfect spot for relaxing between exhibitions.

The city certainly isn’t short of places to shop - it is one of the trendiest cities in the world, after all. Takeshita Street is a brightly-coloured shopping street lined with quirky fashion boutiques, unique anime shops and food outlets selling unusual Japanese snacks.

Just south to this lies Omotesando, a tree-lined avenue often compared to Paris’ Champs-Elysses. Here, you can shop famous brand names and admire phenomenal modern architecture.

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Tokyo Skytree is the world’s tallest tower standing at an incredible 634 metres, and definitely worth a visit to gain a different perspective of the city. You can shop and dine, or head straight to the observation deck for unbelievable views. Don’t worry if you’re visiting on a cloudy day - you’ll be given a VR headset to see the view in milder conditions!

The Imperial Palace, home of the Emperor, provides a getaway from the busy streets of the city. You will be surrounded by cherry blossom trees, ancient ruins and a lush oasis of gardens - a world away from the bustling city. Guided tours of the gardens and art galleries are offered for free, but must be booked in advance.

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Where to Eat:

If you love fresh fish and sushi, Tsukiji Fish Market is the place to visit. A warren of narrow streets welcome food-loving tourists to experience fresh seafood and other Japanese specialities such as wasabi. Traditional kitchen and cooking accessories are also available to buy, too.

Kyourakutei is one of several Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. Although you may have to book months in advance, the exquisite food and service is second to none. You’ll be seated at the counter and watch your food being prepared right in front of you. We’d recommend the tempura shrimps, eels and vegetables, which boast a delicately fluffy and crisp tempura rather than greasy, oily batter.

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Where to Drink:

Golden Gai is an area of Shinjuku famous for its nightlife. There are over 200 cosy bars

accommodating only a handful of people at a time, spread across six narrow alleys with varying themes. It’s regarded as one of the warmest and friendliest places to socialise and meet people in the whole of the city. Just make sure you visit a bar that is open to tourists or you may rub the locals up the wrong way - you’ll know this if the outer signage is in English.

Where to Stay:

Claska, Tokyo’s original design hotel, is situated a little off the beaten track but it’s the perfect place if you want to explore the traditional Tokyo lifestyle. Its 20 guest rooms are decorated in a contemporary Japanese style, all of which have been styled by different designers. It also has several art galleries, a design store and a restaurant offering French cuisine with a Japanese touch. Rooms from £105 per night.

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