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7 tourist attractions in Mallorca

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

7 tourist attractions in Mallorca

7 tourist attractions in Mallorca

There is more to Mallorca than the stunning beaches and amazing scenery. There are plenty of attraction to visit and things to see that will make your trip most memorable. It will tempt the traveler hidden inside of you. Mallorca is the biggest island in Spain and here are 7 tourists attractions that you should never ignore.

1-Palma de Mallorca

It is the capital of the city and half of the population lives here. There are many colorful buildings and you will come across the history of the Romans and Christians that conquered the lands. The attract of the area is the Cathedral from the 13th century that was built on the mosque. Make sure that you walk through the old streets.

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It is the popular village in Mallorca where you can enjoy a day trip. However, make sure that you reach the destination through the 1912 narrow gauge train. Visit the Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences where you can experience the best artifacts.


In the Northern Mallorca, it is the most popular tourist destination. Here you will come across a family atmosphere and there are many healthy activities that you can enjoy. Most of the tourists like to relax at the beach.


It looks like the old town of Mallorca because the buildings here are several centuries old and you will come across the cobblestone streets.


A small village is considered as the most beautiful town in Mallorca. There are narrow cobblestone streets that have been decorated with flowers and the traditional houses. The landmark of the area is the 13th-century Carthusian monastery. It is famous because the popular Polish Composer once lived here.

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6-Cala d’Or

In the Mallorca east coast, it is regarded as the best resorts in Mallorca. The whitewashed buildings have their own unique beauty and attraction. If you can count the number of yachts present on the island you will notice that it is one of the wealthiest attractions in Mallorca. The most popular activities are the boat trips around the area.

7-Cap de Formentor

This windswept peninsula is the perfect treat for the eyes. In its brown and green starkness, you will find something very beautiful and attractive. It is located at the northmost tip of Mallorca where you will reach the inaccessible beaches of Mallorca. The roads of the area are scary to drive but the challenge makes it fun.

Bottom line

The island is very scenic and you can experience some of the unique sites here. Apart from that, you will find various spots to relax and calm your mind and body. Do not forget to ride on the mountains roads and enjoy the amazing views.

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