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7 Must-Visit European Cities for Designer Shoppers!

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

7 Must-Visit European Cities for Designer Shoppers!

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Europe is full of amazing and very beautiful and traditional attractions, with equally as amazing opportunities to shop also; so in this article we have decided to piece together which cities we think are best for shopping and why:

1. Paris

Paris being the obvious choice - not only famous for its tourist's attractions but here you can spend countless hours shopping getting lost as Paris is notoriously known as the HQ for all the top designer brands. However, if you are looking for a change of scenery then you should visit the Marché aux Puces de St - Ouen flea market, Opened in 1870 this flra market has grown to become 9 hectares large with 15 markets, around 2000 merchants and over 2 million visitors - This is a prime place to find some hidden Gems.

2. Milan

While you are in Milan make sure that you visit Quadrilatero d’Oro which unromantically translated as ‘The Golden Rectangle’ and Although this are is covered in designer outlet that are on he expensive side this gem of a location is well worth a look around regardless. Quadrilatero d’Oro has also been known as the beating heart of Milan for designers outlets finding brands such as ferrari and versace and nmany many other big designer’s outlets. By walk the streets you will definitely get lost in its mesmerising beauty.

3. Berlin

In the streets of Berlin you can forget about the rules of fashion and find your own trends as the best and biggest attraction of this beautiful city is that you will be served with drinks while you are exploring around all your chosen shops - There are several designer brands and tattoo artists that will quench your shopping thirst. If we where to recommend our favourite, must visit shopping experience then we would have to recommend Schlossstrasse - A.K.A Boulevard Berlin. Although this shopping area is a little out of town (30-45 minutes from the centre) once you have comited to the travel time you wont be disapointed upon arival especially if you love to shop then this is your must visit area in Berlin as it offers all the best brands ranging from G-Star to Mexx, Zare to Hollister and many more, you can find it all at the Berlin Boulevard.

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4. London

It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on earth and there is nothing that you can't find here in London. There are many department stores where you will get the best products all with the London Price tags on (meaning more expensive then anywhere else). You can also experiment with the edgy side of London as it has many amazing stores and markets, such as camdem market. If you are new to London then you will soon discover that camdem market is a great little experience (a must visit place to many when visiting London), as you are walking around you will soon notice that this market has been founded upon the old London military stables which are now filled with some of the most amazing little shops and restaurants and we highly recommend putting this place on your bucket list!

5. Barcelona

if you are looking for good views and great shopping in barcelona then you need to visit La Boqueria market which isLocated in the Ciudad Vieja district of Barcelona. the La Boqueria marketwill definitely provide you with one of the best shopping experiences found here in Barcelona as the market it self is filled with 72 fruit stalls and many other shopping stalls - all great for finding great little Gifts for family and friends. Once you have finished experiencing the market you should try and visit the Placa de Catalunya, here you can find the best designer clothes and beauty shops that will provide for all your shopping needs with brands including Zara and Urban Outfitters.

6. Istanbul

Istanbul is an absolute dream for those of you who love to go shopping. When in Istanbul we would recommend that you start with the Grand bazaar, here you will be able to find many clothes which are mostly at low prices! Other perks to shopping in this beautiful city is that within the maze like streets of Galata, you will find artistic objects and several shops where antique products are sold - these make great gifts for almost anybody as they are unique and greatly admired.

7. Madrid

When visiting madrid we would also recommend starting buy visiting the flea market in El Rastro; here you will be able to get amazing bargains and find some other great and rather quirky buys. After that, you should visit some of the more famous establishment shops where you can buy branded items. Madrid lies in the heart of Europe which makes it easily accessible by the train depending on where you have based yourself.

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There are many open markets in Europe, which you can visit if you are looking for some cheap and quirky items. There are many roundup places where you can enjoy the amazing attractions and enjoy some of the delicious cuisines while shopping. Buy the best gifts and show your loved ones how much you love them. When visiting these places don't get to lost in the shopping scene and remember to take a sit back and enjoy your surroundings.

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