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7 must do activities in Costa del Sol

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

7 must do activities in Costa del Sol

It would not be wrong to say Costa del Sol is the birthplace of mass tourism and beach holidays. You will always find the place crowded with tourists from around the globe. However, it is still the most relaxing and fun places to visit.

There are many amazing resorts and places that you could visit in Costa del Sol, still, some of the activities are overlooked. Here we have the top 7 activities you must do when you visit this place.

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1-White Wonders

The inland white village, this place is amazingly intact. You will come across many designer items and the magnificent giant sugar cubes shine of the steep hillsides of the streets. Being in this area you would soon come across Casares, which is the gem of the area that has been fused with the mountains.

2-Smart Saunter

Wear something elegant and visit the chicest resorts in Costa de Sol. There is a range of tapas bars where you can enjoy some quality time and some beautiful food. The place has been given a traditionally modern touch that is soothing to the eyes.

3-Pop a cork

The beautiful Los Alcornocales National Park has numerous trees whose bark is used to make the cork for the wine bottles. make sure that you buy a wine bottle with the cork from the bark as they make great gifts and well... they just taste amazing!  baring that in mind Los Alcornocales National Park do replace the old trees with the warn bark with new ones as we have to Remember that it takes 10 to 12 years for the bark to regrow once shaved.

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4-Visit to Ronda

The best things to do in Costa de Sol is the journey across the amazing rails of Europe. Your small visit from Algeciras on the coast will provide you the chance to visit some of the best places and have the silent walks around the coast with nothing but the sound of the birds, the trees and the crystal clear sea, as your leaving your footprints marked in the sand behind you!

5-Stop for Pablo

Once Malaga was known as the city of the dash, however, now it has one of the biggest attractions called the Picasso Museum. A small gallery has been designed with some of the remarkable paintings from the past. If you are an art lover, it is the perfect place for you.

6-Succulent snacks

Do not forget to enjoy some of the unique snacks in Costa del Sol.

7-Visit Nerja

The picture perfect town of Costa del Sol has something exciting for everyone. There is the amazing 13th-century fort where you will get to grips with  the history of Europe and then you can also go underground if you would like to experience some classical dance and music that this loacation has to offer!

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You will have real fun on your trips when you will discover something amazing instead of just staying under the sun or relaxing while having a massage. It is the time, to explore a little more so you will know all about the amazing spots we have recommended that lie in the heart of Costa del Sol. you have the potential to really make some of the best memories in the locations that are uncommon to most people.

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