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5 restaurants we recommend when in Bali

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

5 restaurants we recommend when in Bali

5 restaurants we recommend when in Bali

Selecting a restaurant in Bali is one of the biggest challenges that you might have to face. The reason is that there are so many world-class dining spots that it becomes confusing. They have the best Chefs to ensure that customers will get the best quality food. So here is the list of 5 best restaurants in Bali that you must visit.

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1-Kubu Restaurant

It has a Mediterranean theme that will give you the European feeling, as the restaurant is located at the riverside. It is the best place for the honeymooners and the people who are in love with the food. Here you will come across some of the best cuisines from around the globe as well as the remarkable chefs will enhance the flavor of every meal. Apart from that, the environment of the restaurant is amazing.

2-Blanco par Mandif

You will come across many Indonesian meals in the restaurant, however, there is a twist:

You might have to wait for your turn often but once you will get the meal served it would be worth your time and money.

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3-Swept Away Restaurant

The restaurant has been located in the Samaya Ubud. It has been designed on the elevated deck that will help you to get the best glimpse of nature and enjoy your meal in the fresh environment. It is the perfect place to visit with your lover. The best thing about the restaurant is the extensive menu of food that you will come across.

4-Cuca restaurant Bali

It is one of the best restaurants in Bali that gained popularity quickly because of the extensive menu. You will be amazed to see the number of deserts and food menu that you might come across. The moment you will take the first bite of the meal, it will take you to the heaven because of the amazing flavors and perfect blend spices. It is the restaurant with the best chefs of Bali.

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5-Locavore restaurant

It has the unique approach to the international cuisines that made the restaurant one of the most popular in Bali. You will be amazed to know that there are only 30 seats in the building and so you will have to book if you want to enjoy some of the best meals otherwise there are no chance that you will get a seat. The interior of the restaurant is sleek and modern.

Bottom line

When you will get into the restaurant, you will have the feeling that you have come to a completely different place. Here you can enjoy the traditional cuisines of the Bali that are simply remarkable. So ensure that you try a new item every day so that you can enjoy the true flavors of Bali.

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