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5 Restaurants we recommend in Barcelona

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

5 Restaurants we recommend in Barcelona

When it comes to eating and drinking nothing can be compared with the amazing restaurants that you will find in Barcelona that are known for serving the best national and international cuisines. Barcelona has been awarded several times for having the best restaurants.

For more than 20 years the restaurants in Barcelona have been flaunting their Michelin Stars. It was difficult to select but here we have for you the top 5 restaurants that have the best and trustworthy menus.

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1-Can Sole

It would not be wrong to say that this is one of the best Paella restaurants in the city. It might be a little upmarket but the waiters are very attentive and they will provide you with the best service. You can select anything that you like and the chefs will meet your expectations perfectly.

2-Cinc Sentits

They have been serving the Catalan cuisine that is the biggest customers attraction. In order to enhance the experience of the diner they are now serving the fixed course meals like

The meal is given a special shape like a pigeon that has special pouches for all parts of the meal.

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3-El Atril

The all-season restaurant has a reliable atmosphere. Here you can enjoy under the umbrella at Plaça de Sant Cugat or sit in the stone-walled dining room. The meal on the menu is the big bowl of Moules et Frites that you can order in any season. In case that you're not attracted by the wine list, you are allowed to bring your own bottle to enjoy with the meal.

4- Les Tres a la Cuina

If you can get to the place in time, it is an amazing lunch spot. At first, it seems like a deli spot with a few tables, however, the moment you take your first bite it will make you understand why it is in our top 5 go to places in Barcelona. They add excitement to the menu by changing it every day and on weekends, you can enjoy delicious breakfast!

5-Set Portes

It is an elegant seafood and old paella restaurant, located near the port under the arched walkway. The restaurant has been serving the guests since 1836 and there has been no change in the atmosphere and structure of the place. It has the same graceful seating arrangement with the white tables and the black seats. Respecting the old recipes, they prepare marvellous food. Sometimes they add a new twist to the flavours.

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Every restaurant in Barcelona has their own flavour and menu that is different from the rest. It often becomes difficult to choose what to order, as there is so much diversity in the menu. If your now thinking, oh my. how on earth am i meant to find these restaurants? thats not to worry as we provide you Roar App which is downloadable on the App Stores, this app can guide you to every restaurant where ever you are in the world!

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