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5 must see, must experience things to do in California

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

 5 must see, must experience things to do in California

California is an adventurous place for tourists where they can explore the sunny beaches and the dark forests. You will have a life changing experience when you find yourself driving through the highway of California. Everything about California is amazing and there is a special charm in the city that attracts everyone.

California not only produces some of the best entertainment in the world but also there are many amazing things you can do and here we have the list for you.

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1-Redwood national park

It is the perfect place where you can participate in many outdoor activities. There is a vast area of

The trees that you will come across in the park are the tallest and the oldest ones you will find the USA. The wildlife in the park is very rare and some of them belong to the protected species list that are endangered. You can take a relaxing walk in the forest or go for a hike.

2-General Sherman

If you are in love with nature then you must visit the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park. Here you will come across the General Sherman that is the name given to the Giant Sequoia. It is amongst the largest trees in the world that actually seems like a giant. There are 5 out 10 largest trees that reside in the forest but the General Sherman grabs most of the attentions. The tree is 2300 to 2700 years old and 275 feet tall.

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3-Venice Beach

It is one of the most stunning beaches; you will come across in the area. In the summer, you will come across many:

There is also the muscles beach where you will have the privilege of enjoying the bodybuilders when they flex their muscles whilst they work out.

4-Death Valley

It has the hostile natural environment yet it is the most beautiful valley that you will come across. It is the driest and hottest areas of North America. 134 degrees Fahrenheit temperature has been recorded in the Valley and it is considered as the hottest air temperature! Due to the extreme weather conditions, it is advised that you visit the Valley in the early hours of the day.


How can we forget to mention the Disneyland of California? It is the place where the most popular characters of Disney come to life. There are many thrilling rides and the amazing food courts, where you will come across the Disney themed food items and drinks. You can visit the place with your friends and family. The Main Street still seems like it is from the 1900’s.

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Make some of the best memories in California. Do not forget to touch the Orca whale and meet the Mickey Mouse on the same day. It is the Golden state where you will get a chance to explore many things and have the best time of your life.

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