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5 must experience things to do is Tokyo

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

5 must experience things to do is Tokyo

In Tokyo, you will come across a perfect mix of the modern living and the traditional manners. The state is amazingly crowded but it can be strangely quiet at sometimes. The beauty of the city lies in their unparalleled mass transit system and the delicious food items. At one side, you will find the old shrines and traditional places and on the other, there are skyscrapers and high-tech gadgets. To sample it all here we have 5 things that you must experience on your visit to Tokyo.

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1-Play at Pachinko

Pachinko is the famous Japanese arcade game corner where you can play different games. The most famous one is the game where you have to fire the balls at the objects and then collect them at the center of the maze. Try to capture as many balls as you can to get the highest score. Espace Pachinko Parlor is famous for the neon lights and the clinking sound of the balls.

2-Visit Cat Cafe

If you are a cat person then visit the cat cafe should be at the top of your list. When you visit the cafe, you will come across many unique and cute breeds of cats. You can enjoy with them as long as you like and the guests are served with the steaming cup of coffee. At some locations, you might get the hedgehogs as well.

3-Eat at themed restaurant

Tokyo is famous for the themed restaurants where they will serve you the best meals in a unique and surprising way. There is Alcatraz where the beef is served in the form of human brain and you get to eat at the jail cell. The drinks are served in the heads of the dummy. So it can be an evil experience.

4-Attend Kabuki theater show

It is a traditional Japanese theater where you will get a chance to experience the combination of modern and old Japanese entrainment culture. The artists have the skills to combine:

They have a very elaborate makeup and most of the acts are specially performed by men. For an introduction, you can buy the tickets to the solo act.

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5-Relax at Onsen

Onsen is the famous hot spring theme park in Tokyo where you will be given the high-quality treatment. Wear the traditional dress and soak your feet in the relaxing water. You will enjoy different services like:

There are many amazing and calming activities at Onsen that you can easily spend your entire afternoon. When you will come out of the place, you will have a refreshed mind and body.

Bottom line

Tokyo can be very unpredictable at times. Here you will come across some of the liveliest and loveliest places that are hard to ignore. Tokyo is a place with quirky attractions that are rich in culture. You will get your best traveling experience from the city.  

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