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5 locations for sun seekers this summer

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

5 locations for sun seekers this summer

There are many places in the world that have winters the entire year. So the people there would love to soak some sun. There are many amazing beaches and resorts around the globe that are perfect for spending some time in the sun. However, the real issue is that most of them are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. So to help you out here we have top 5 locations for the sun seekers on a budget.

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The highest temperature in this area is 20˚ C so all you have to pack is your light jumper and you will be ready to enjoy the sun. Located in the Canary Islands it is the best and most affordable place to enjoy the sun in winters. You can enjoy the best meals at some of the famous restaurants and the area is so small that you can walk everywhere you like.

2-Cape Verde

To reach Cape Verde you have to take a 6 hours flight from the UK and you will land in the place that is the best collection of islands. The beaches of islands are perfect for tanning. In case that you want, more than the sun you can try all the other activities like:

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Located at the edge of the Sahara Desert there are some of the best and warm beaches like Agadir and Marrakech.


It is one is the best place to enjoy the sun the entire year. The reason is that it is one of the Gulf States that seemed to be married with the sun. Here are some of the best and most beautiful beaches that you will ever find. Apart from that, you will find it hard to get yourself away from the amazing street food and the remarkable restaurants where some of the best Arabic dishes are served.

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5-Gran Canaria

It is 100 miles away from the coast of the North-West Africa. There are some of the best white beaches where you can spend ideal time under the sun and there is no need to remember the rain and the snow back home. The area is very peaceful and you can find many nearby spas and restaurants where you can enjoy the best meals and massages to relax your mind and body.

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