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5 locations for party thriving people!

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

5 locations for party thriving people!

In this stressful life, people just need to let loose and become stress free by dancing, drinking and having a blast. However, the real issue arises when your on a tight budget but still want to have some fun. So to help here we have the top 5 locations to party on a budget.


It is the place for all the party lovers whether they love rock, pop, jazz or some random beats. You will get everything that you want in this bar. It is referred too, as a luxurious bar where you can party for cheap. The best part is that you can easily get your name on the VIP list to get free entrance and enjoy the performance of the famous DJ Paul Van Dyke at a surprisingly affordable cost. It is a place you must visit.

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The beach parties in Spain are the most famous, where thousands of people from all around the world come to party! Most people would consider it expensive. However, if you pay attention towards the international DJs playing the best beats every night and your enjoying the beverages that flow down easier than counting to 3, then you will know that it is actually an affordable holiday where you can soak the sun and have some fun. Jet 2 Holidays often do 7 nights + flights starting from just £210 per person

3-Tel Aviv

It is the party area of the Middle East where you can find live rock music vibrating through the speakers as the crowd drink and dance until they cant drink and dance no more!


It can be regarded as the party capital of Balkans, Serbia. Every street, every house, every bar you will find a party. Everyone gets a free invitation and you can enter which ever bar you fancy most. What makes it remarkable are the lively people and the affordable drinks.

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5-Rio De Janerio

The best thing about Rio is that at any moment you could be caught up with the entire city that have come out onto the streets to become one big party. The people of Rio love their nightlife. It does not matter that the party is held in the bars, house or street, the people will always be present and very lively. The drinks are mostly at such a cheap rate that you can have them all night.


It’s time that you find the cheap flights, or offers which can are seen on our offers page and fly to the area that you find most suitable. Enjoy the nightlife let loose and Spend the best time of your life in your party place without worrying about running out of money!

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