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48 hours in Hong Kong with Roar App's help

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

48 hours in Hong Kong with Roar App's help

If you are looking for a short weekend getaway then Hong Kong will be the perfect place to visit. It is a dense city where you will come across the modern culture and way of living. There are many amazing places and sites to experience in Hong Kong and here you can cover the area in 48 hours using the Roar App.

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Day one

Visit the Brunch Club for a healthy breakfast. The interior is cozy and they have the best breakfast menu in town.

Wan Chai Heritage

In the heart of Wan Chai, it is an impressive walking trail. It will take you two hours to complete the walk and the area has been divided into two parts:

You will get a chance to experience the modern culture of the city for free.

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In Wan Chai, you will come across many amazing restaurants. Select the one that has been awarded the two Michelin Star as these are the best eating places indicated by the Roar App. To enjoy the traditional Hong Kong food you can order some of the beautiful traditional dishes.

Causeway Bay

From the Wan Chai and with a little help from Roar's app, you should go to the causeway bay, this is the perfect place to visit and experience the beautiful lights of the city. You can spend your time in the largest library of the island or go crazy in the shopping malls and retail stores that are located nearby and can all be found on Roar.

Dinner and nightlife

Visit the nearby seafood stall that serves 30 unique dishes and enjoy something new. Your first day shouldn't end without visit the clubs in Hong Kong, you can enjoy the dance floor, beer and perfect beats from the best DJ's in town.

Day two

After the quick breakfast, it is the time that you visit the peak.

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Mong Kok

Enjoy your lunch at any local restaurant and you should head next to the Mong Kok. It is the perfect market where you will come across everything you need at the most affordable rates. You might get confused due to the choices you will get.

Tsim Sha Tsui

It is the most photographed and iconic places in Hong Kong. It is the commercialised district of city where you will get the best harbor experience.

Once you are done with the dinner it is time to visit the Knutsford Terrace. Here you can find some of the most amazing bars and pubs and the street is open till 6 am.

Bottom line

Roar App is the best way to get most out of the city that you are planning to visit in a short time. It will take you to all the best destinations and will allow you to plan your journey on a budget. You can even share your plan and journey with friends. 

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