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​4 Ways to Make Your Money Last When You Travel Abroad

Maddy Faulkner by Maddy Faulkner

​4 Ways to Make Your Money Last When You Travel Abroad

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Exploring the world is something many of us wish we could do more often. It enlightens us, inspires us, and just gives us a well-earned break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Many think they cannot afford to travel abroad, and instead choose to embark on a staycation. However, people often find that they spend just as much staying here in the UK than they would abroad!

We’re here to provide advice on how to make your money last when you travel abroad, whether you’re planning a road trip or city break.

If you’re smart, realistic, and do your research beforehand, it’s actually easy really!

1. Research and plan before you go

Make an itinerary so you know what you are going to be doing each day. Roam App’s useful ‘plan’ feature allows you to create your own plan and share it with your friends, regardless of where you are in the world.

Plan which area you will be in, and at what general time of the day. This way, you can plan where you will be eating and drinking and have a general idea of the average price - this will save any nasty surprises when the bill comes! Look for hidden restaurants away from the beaten track with generous portions, without inflated tourist prices.

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2. Know what you want to spend your money on

If you plan on visiting lots of museums and seeing the sights, do your research for great deals. More often than not, tourist boards offer discount cards where you can save money on multiple entry fees and skip lengthy queues.

Take advantage of public transport, hire bikes and walk as much as you can! These are great ways to see more of the place you are visiting rather than taking taxis or hiring a car.

If you’re a foodie, expect to budget for plenty of food - after all, there is no better way to experience another culture than tasting local cuisine.

However if you’re staying in an all-inclusive hotel, we’d advise that you take advantage of this as much as possible, rather than eating out during meal times. Make the most of unlimited food and drink instead of wasting your money in expensive bars and restaurants.

Roar App’s ‘follow’ feature allows travellers to follow bars, restaurants and clubs and become notified when deals are advertised. Free club entry, 2-for-1 cocktails and reduced meal prices are just a few of the potential deals which could save you plenty of money.

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3. Match your expectations to your budget

If you’re on a limited budget, don’t expect to be able to afford 5-star hotels and Michelin-starred cuisine. Fancy hotels are not necessary - after all, you’ll only really be sleeping there. Opt for inexpensive hostels and small B&B’s rather than luxury or chain hotels. This way, you can splurge on adventures, activities and events that will really make your trip memorable.

You’ll have to be prepared to compromise if you really want your money to last. Instead of heading to a restaurant for lunch, grab some food from a corner shop and have a picnic.

4. Keep track of your expenses

Set a budget per day on your travels. The people who have to cut their trip short, or end up running out of money full stop, are the ones who spend their money haphazardly.

Keep track of your money, from hotel rooms to every bottle of water you buy. This way, you can keep and eye on whether you are overspending or have money to spare (if it’s the latter, great!).

If you overspend one day, simply look for cheap activities to do the following day. Go on a free walking tour with a local guide, explore parks and look out for reduced entry to museums and attractions.

This is the most important thing to do to make sure your money really lasts when you’re abroad!

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