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10 things to do in Bangor, Northern Ireland


10 things to do in Bangor, Northern Ireland

Let Roam Local help you to experience the best that Bangor has to offer! If you’re planning a trip to Bangor, we can provide you with a list of the top sightseeing attractions, as well as helping you to find unmissable activities.

Whether you’re travelling to Bangor with your family, planning a romantic trip with your loved one, or visiting on business, we’ll make it easy to plan an unforgettable holiday that checks all the boxes.

1. Bangor Marina

Bangor Marina provides a lovely walk around, and it’s somewhat central to the other seafront attractions that surround it.

2. The Eisenhower North Pier

Found near to the Marina is Bangor’s Pier, known officially as the Eisenhower Pier, although some locals are having none of it, and continue to call it the North Pier.

3. Pickie Fun Park

Pickie Fun Park is found on the opposite (south) side of Bangor Marina, and the venue was in fact once an outdoor swimming pool (Pickie Pool). It is a Fun Park, with lots of fun for all the family, or at least the kids, with attractions like the Pickie Puffer (a kiddies train track), Disco Ducks (I dunno) and the main feature of the Swans (Pedalo Swans). Don’t forget your Lemon Top ice cream!

4. The Coastal Path

Following along on the coastal path from Pickie Fun Park, you can actually walk right from Bangor up to Holywood. There are some scenic spots along the way, including rugged coastlines and coves, various pebble and sand beaches, as well as connecting forest parks along the coastal path.

5. Bangor Main Street

The Flagship Centre, an indoor shopping mall at the bottom corner of Main Street, is worth a visit.

6. Castle Park and Town Hall

For those big into botany, there’s a ton load of exciting trees scattered throughout the park, including a ‘fine collection of mature conifers and deciduous trees’. Castle Park is also home to the North Down Museum.

7. North Down Museum

To share some of the more notable attractions there’s the iconic Bangor Bell, a glass beehive in the upper floor, and a replica of the Town Hall made out of 2011 sugar cubes. The museum is also free of charge, and there’s some added incentive with the on-site Coffee Cure cafe.

8. The Walled Garden

This restored Victorian Garden is “A real hidden gem”, at least this is how it is touted by the local tourist board. But it is definitely worth a walk around if you like gardens, and flowers, and there’s a fancy fountain smack in the middle. The Walled Garden also connects to the back of Castle Park, so you really don’t need to go far out of your way to find it.

9. Ward Park

Ward Park is more like your traditional town centre park, with ponds, and ducks, and people feeding ducks. And there are even aviaries with more exotic birds.

10. Bangor Nightlife

From Jenny Watts on the High Street to the Salty Dog on the seafront, these are a couple of great options for food and pints in Bangor.

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