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10 amazing museums in Greece

Andrew Bartlett by Andrew Bartlett

10 amazing museums in Greece

10 Amazing museums in Greece

Greece is the country of diverse culture and art. You can easily get the idea from the remarkable historical infrastructures present. So if you are planning to visit Greece anytime soon make sure to pay a visit to the following 10 museums if you want to experience true colors of art.

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1-Acropolis Museum

It is one if the recent and most stunning museum that you will find in Athens. There are 5 storeys in building and they all have been filled by the historical ornaments and riches that were adorned by Acropolis.

2-National Archaeological Museum

In this Museum you will find everything like:

3-Museum of Popular Greek Musical Instruments

Here you will find the entire collection of the Historical and Modern Greek musicians. There are life-size images of the artists and the original instrument that was played by that particular musician has accompanied the images.

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4-Archaeological Museum of Iraklion

There are only a few Museums in the world that have the entire collection of things that were related to a particular culture. In this Museum you will come across the remnants related to Iraklion and you will get the experience that how people managed their life in that time.

5-Archaeological Museum of Chania

It is one of the most engaging Museums that you will ever come across. In this Museum, you will find the historical collections from different ages. So it will provide you a chance to experience the world in a new way.

6-Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki & Museum of Byzantine Culture

Here you will get the chance to experience the architecture and art of the Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. The showcases have been adjusted side by side so you can compare their beauty and traditions from the earliest days of the Byzantine era.

7-Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art

The museum is filled with the artifacts from the Ancient Greece and so you should not be shocked by the recent opening of the museum. Their most important collection is the Zinthilis Collection of Cypriot.

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8-Benaki Museum

When you visit downtown Athens make sure to pay a visit to the Benakis family mansion. It is the museum filled with their artifacts and the Greek art collection.

9-Numismatic Museum of Athens

It is the Museum where you will come across the best collection of coins from around the world. the best part is that there are all types of coins modern and ancient.

10-Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

This museum was created by the famous jewelry designer Ilias Lalaounis. Here you will come across jewelry made from 4000 jewels and ornaments. It is the best dedication to the art of jewelry making.

Make the best memories in Greece and amazing stories. Do not forget to capture the best moments so that you can share them with friends and family. 

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