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How our ROAM App works:

Enhance your Experiences with ROAM

We are in the business of helping you get the very best out of every destination. Finding what you want as soon as you want it - Known as your Guide to everything, From Everywhere!

The ROAM App covers all entertainment hotspots all across the world, we do all the leg work so you don't have to.

ROAM App venues include: 

Airports, Bars, Bus stations, Beaches, B&Bs, Car Parking, Cinemas, Car Rentals, Galleries, Gyms, Hotels & Hostels, Landmarks, Libraries, Market places, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Museums, Night Clubs, Restaurants, Shopping, Swimming And to be continued…

Find the right venue for you!

A Promotional Tool

As well as creating a tool that promotes venues & helps visitors have a better City experience, ROAM's App is also a useful marketing funnel for Business owners on the high streets, organisations such as local councils & Business Improvement Districts.

Fast, Easy and Safe

Save your favourites

You can follow all of your favourite venues to get VIP info on special offers or events. We won't spam you - we'll only send you the info you need to have the best experiences.

Share your plans

Your entertainment, your routes, ROAM them all!

An app such as ROAM App lets its users explore a city in Real time - pulling in all the the locations of all your bars, restaurants, hotels and more... From which you can create a plan that can be shared with the people who matter the most to you!

Whether your looking for music venues to check out some of the local talent, a well deserved hotel, or perhaps you need to find that perfect restaurant you have always wanted to visit, you can find everything all on ROAM. The app will help plan out your journey and help you find your way around with ease.

When users create Plans and share them with their friends they can also activate ROAM's Safety notifications which are designed to encourage Safer Travelling with friends and family!

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ROAM gives every tourist, local, student, social visitor, or corporate the chance to have the best possible experience in any city in the world, providing them with a wide variety of entertainment and other necessary hotspots throughout.

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