Getting to grips with the Roar app.

How do I claim my venue on the app ROAM?

In Order to Claim your venue on our App ROAM, You must first locate the ROAM for BUSINESS link and follow the instructions provided:

Claim venue and ROAM for Business here:

My venue's phone number is missing or incorrect. What should I do?

We collect your venue's phone number from its listing on Google.

If the number is missing or is incorrect, you can claim your venue here:

How much does it cost?

We offer a tiered pricing structure, with price points to suit all sizes of venue.

It's only a small investment and you will be able to use ROAM for Business to increase customer footfall, sales and interactions; View Pricing

My venue doesn't appear on the ROAM App. What should I do?

We are Google Partners and that is how we provide our users with our data, if you're venue is not on ROAM try checking your google business name is correct. if you do not have a google business then you will need to create a google business profile. 

If your venue does not appear on the ROAM App after checking both of these are correct then please contact us.

ROAM App is not refreshing venues accurately. What should i do?

If your venue results are not refreshing accurately to your location, simply exit and cancel ROAM app in the background and reload. 

If ROAM continues to fail to refresh you will have to Delete and re - install our ROAM App. Any other problem after re-installment please contact us directly.

What is ROAM designed for?


ROAM App is designed to allow users to arrive in any destination and are able to see/ follow the now time trending atmosphere across any town or city; knowing where the best places to go and things to do are.

We do all the leg work so you don't have to and ROAMs features include: 

ROAM with us - showing you all the best places to go are and things to do, categories include: 

Airports, Bars, Bus stations, Beaches, B&Bs, Car Parking, Cinemas, Galleries, Gyms, Hotels & Hostels, Landmarks, Libraries, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Museums, Night Clubs, Restaurants, Shopping and to be continued…

Creating plans on ROAM 

We want you to find the best places to go and things to do where ever you are travelling, whether you are travelling locally or internationally. We also want you to share your best experiences with those who matter most, such as Family and friends by adding your favourite places to your plans. 

Plans can be used to arrange all your experiences; whether you are going on holiday, inter- railing, visiting somewhere new for the weekend or even just for your weekend antics, share or your favourite places with all your favourite people by creating a plan!

ROAMs Find my friends

ROAMs find my friends feature is the best way to stay connected with all your favourite people. By sharing your location you can see where people are and why - Not to mention the notifications you receive when your favourite people are close to you - Download now to find out more.

ROAM Chat 

We have a chat feature that works across both IOS and Android phones and its FREE!

Venue Notifications

By following a venue that Supports ROAM, this allows your favourite places to stay in touch with you by sending you direct push notifications, so they can continue to share any Offers, News and events with you!

So... What is ROAM's purpose? 

We simply want you to have the very best experiences with your favourite people ROAM-ing the world and have the ability to Find, Share and Discuss all the best places, all in one place!

Download for free here:

If you are a businesses that wants to make a mighty ROAR in the market place then please contact us or claim your business profile here:

I am a venue owner, Why should I ROAR for Business on the ROAM App?

The ROAM app is the first of its kind social travel app, that is your guide to everything from everywhere. Our App is designed to promote businesses just like yours.

A state of the art travel app that guides millions of people to venues just like yours. Take advantage of ROAR for business to increase customer footfall and sales

We understand that every business is different and we cater for this allowing you to create a profile that shows your venue in its best light. 

Gain followers on your venues profile to send them direct push notifications stating any news, offers and events that are upcoming.

Simply claim your venue today to find out more or contact us on our contact page

How do I get the app?

The app is available for both iPhone and Android and is available on both the App Store and the Google Play.

Get the App

As a business sending a push notification out to my customers, why are the images not showing up when i attach one ?

When uploading an image to a push notification you need to make sure that you do not press publish before the image has successfully loaded. Try again and give it a little bit longer to load and you should see results. 

If you are still having a problems after trying this, please fill out a support form on the "contact us" page and we will assist you further as soon as possible! 

What happens when I follow a venue on ROAM ?

By Following a venue on ROAM you are opting in to receiving push notifications that include news, offers and events. 

For a venue to send you notifications they have to be supporting ROAM via the Business dashboard. 

Why can't I find a particular venue?

If your app is not showing a particular venue, please try these suggestions: 

  • Closing down and restarting the app
  • Check your spelling
  • Search by Area

Please note: ROAM is powered by google, because of this if the venue is not noticed by google places we can not provide our service.